Aura Dione 1

Just came across this singer and so far her music has impressed me. All her songs in her new album “Before the Dinosaurs” are kinda good. Her Biography from her website is:

“I want to make the impossible possible….Even before breakfast!”

Aura Dione is a musical talent with Danish, Spanish, French and Faroese roots. Her voice and music mirror the qualities of the forbidden fruit: once consumed, you’re blissfully surrendered.

Before the Dinosaurs

Aura’s latest album, ”Before the Dinosaurs” exemplifies her distinctive performance style as she plays with the senses, telling stories and painting pictures with her voice and melodies.  Her world is a modern day fairy tale with the spirit of Pocahontas and the adventures of Huck Finn.

With her 2009 debut album, “Columbine”, Aura demonstrated her talent as a phenomenal singer/songwriter and lyricist, reaching the top of the charts across Europe. The Gold and Platinum awarded No.1 Hit, ”I will love you Monday” was the world’s first glimpse into her gift for striking a chord in the hearts of audiences.

Aura challenges the convention with a mixture of folk and electro elements, integrating progressive drums, strings and pop music in a formula for success to which this beautiful girl from Copenhagen stays true.

With her second album, “Before The Dinosaurs“, Aura created a colourful selection of pop gems in a thousand and one colours – revealing her own pure and hypnotizing “Aura” and her talent for giving everything around her unique meaning without distracting from her own vision.

An artist in the purest sense, Aura oversees every aspect of her work from the music to the artwork, including pictures, video clips and her magnificent live shows. Accordingly, she co-produced “Before The Dinosaurs” in Los Angeles with star-producer David Jost (Lady Gaga, Limp Bizkit, Keri Hilson, Tokio Hotel) and Grammy-winning producer Rick Nowels (Madonna, Nelly Furtado, Dido, Jewel, Colbie Caillat).

“Progressive pop poetry” is how Aura describes her sound, a sound that forces listeners’ ears and brains wide open when they hear her inspired voice and the untroubled play on words, harmonies and melodies that characterise her songs.

“I feel more naked presenting my songs than being naked in a photo,” Aura remarks and when you listen to her lyrics, you will know why.

“My first single, “Geronimo”′ is about the audacity of love and freedom”  says Aura.  Through the lens of music “Geronimo” invites listeners to re-examine the constitution of pop art in the 21st century.

“I started writing songs when I was a child and I‘ve learned so much on this exciting journey leading me to where I am now, but I never lost my inner child or my emotions. My music is my baby – I want to see it grow up and develop! We all have to try to make the most of our time on earth. I want to make the impossible possible…

Even before breakfast!”