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A crazy loving couple

August 6th, 2013. Published under Personal. No Comments.

It was the Sunday of a reasonably sunny Bank Holiday Weekend. A slow day at the discount store where I work ,as it was not busy at all. Trying to make myself smile and get through the day was a challenge as no one was really in the mood. (more…)

Lost and confused: That stage in life

January 4th, 2013. Published under Personal. 6 Comments.

One of the best things I have loved about myself was the ability to bring a smile to anyone who had welcomed me with the same. This attribute might have gifted to me in the God I trust in or the scientific explanation of having inherited it from my loving parents. Either ways, all i knew was that it was difficult for me to hate someone or something. To be with people, make them happy and just experience the warmth and inner joy what this affection can offer, is something I would love doing all my life. (more…)

Retailers benefit this Christmas

December 26th, 2012. Published under Happy Ireland. No Comments.

The country may be in wind-down mode for Christmas but it was not evident on Dublin’s Henry Street yesterday as last-minute shoppers milled around and traders tried loudly to convince them of their need for One Direction merchandise.



November 14th, 2012. Published under Movies. No Comments.

Ireland: Dublin Release

Light House Cinema Smithfield, Dublin
Release date: 16th November:
Show Time: 12.30 PM

IMDB Link: Click Here  (more…)

Holidays in IBIZA

July 12th, 2012. Published under IBIZA. No Comments.

This trip was in the making since last year(2011).  By then,  I had not enough savings to make this trip as The MBA programme was one heck of a cash drain.  When I was financially having a rough patch during the month of February, I thought I would have to give up on the idea of travelling to Ibiza.


Thattathin Marayathu (തട്ടത്തിന്‍ മറയത്ത്)

July 11th, 2012. Published under Movies. No Comments.

Thattathin Marayathu is a 2012 Malayalam musical romance film written and directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan , starring Nivin Pauly and Isha Talwar in the lead roles. While the supporting cast is played up by Aju Varghese , Manoj K. Jayan , Sreenivasan , Sunny Wayne, Bhagath Manuel, Manikuttan , Niveda Thomas along with a list of new debutant actors.

The film is produced by Mukesh and Sreenivasan under the banner of Lumiere Film Company. The music is composed by Shaan Rahman, while the cinematography is handled by Jomon T. John , and the editing is by Ranjan Abraham. Distribution of the film is done by LJ Films . The film got released on July 6, 2012.

The story is about a Hindu boy Vinod who falls in love with a Muslim girl Aisha. (more…)

Nenjodu Cherthu – Yuvvh – Lyrics

April 6th, 2012. Published under Music. 30 Comments.

Me having a go at the song:



Why Americans Won’t Do Dirty Jobs – Businessweek

November 10th, 2011. Published under Business. No Comments.

With all the this recession and the major debate about immigrants stealing the local’s jobs, many a times I have wondered myself if I do belong to this so called clan of foreigners who is standing in the way of  some worthy Irish Native who is desperate to provide the basic needs for his family. But it is incidents like this which makes me more disturbed. (more…)

Bootcamp Ireland – Shin Splints: Injury Prevention

November 9th, 2011. Published under Health & Fitness. No Comments.

Nothing spoils a good workout like shin splints, check out below on how to prevent them.

What are Shin Splints?

Shin splints is a generic term for pain at the front of the lower leg. The pain can occur at the front and inside of the shin bone(tibia). The most common form of shin splints is medial tibial traction periostitis, which is when the muscle attachments at the bone are pulled, causing irritation and pain, doesnt sound very nice does it… The tibia can also be stressed from heavy loading, which can lead to a stress reaction and may result in a stress fracture. (more…)

Aura Dione

November 9th, 2011. Published under Music. 1 Comment.

Just came across this singer and so far her music has impressed me. All her songs in her new album “Before the Dinosaurs” are kinda good. Her Biography from her website is:

“I want to make the impossible possible….Even before breakfast!”

Aura Dione is a musical talent with Danish, Spanish, French and Faroese roots. Her voice and music mirror the qualities of the forbidden fruit: once consumed, you’re blissfully surrendered. (more…)